Retired Washington State Patrol Employee Association

Persons eligible for and attaining membership to this Association shall be classified in one of the following categories: 

  • 1: Retired members, either commissioned or merit system retirees of the Washington State Patrol who receive a monthly pension, and employees still actively employed who are eligible for retirement but have not done so. 
  • 2: Survivor members, a survivor of a retired Washington State Patrol employee who is receiving a monthly pension. 
  • 3: Associate Members, individuals, who for amicable reasons of special interest, would be considered worthy of membership.


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Members Only

  • To gain access to the secure web site you must be a paid up or lifetime member of RWSPEA.
  • The Association currently represents approximately 1500 retired Washington State Patrol retirees. 

  • Any retired Washington State Employee or an active employee eligible to retire may join RWSPEA. 

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It is noted that survivor and associate member shall have full voting rights and are eligible for any elective office within the Association as long as they are members in good standing.  

To join the association, please complete a RWSPEA Member Application Form, pay an annual membership fee of thirty ($30.00) dollars, and mail both to the Sec/Treas.  If your qualification cannot be verified, any dues paid to the Association in the expectation of gaining membership are non-refundable and will be used for Association business.

Submit your dues to the Association Secretary/Treasurer to the address on the application form. One-Time Payment of Lifetime Association Dues is Available. If you are 75 years of age, and qualify for membership, or if you are a surviving spouse, then you are automatically a Lifetime member of the RWSPEA. Complete the above noted application form and mail it to the Sec-Treas and a Lifetime Membership Card will be issued. 

Accepted applicants will be asked to provide preferred username and password. 


Access to the members area of the website is restricted to current dues paying members of the RWSPEA.


RWSPEA Membership Information