The Retired Washington State Patrol Employees Association (RWSPEA) is an organization that represents the interests of all WSP retirees…commissioned, merit system, disabled, and survivors. The organization was formed as a group of WSP retirees, both to foster a social venue for retirees and to provide a unified voice that safeguards retiree rights and communicates retiree perspectives.

RWSPEA Scholarship Fund Program

The scholarship application period for an RWSPEA scholarship is now open.  There will be two $1000.00 scholarships offered this year by RWSPEA. 
Attached is the application.  The deadline for the application is April 1, 2016.  Mail the completed application to the address at the bottom of the application.  The RWSPEA sponsor must be an active member of the RWSPEA association.  The application is available in two formats below.  Remember, applicants must reapply each year for the scholarship offered by RWSPEA.

Join the Retired Washington State Patrol Employees Association

Annual membership are thirty dollars ($30.00). It is important to note that all dues will be for the calendar year, January 1st, thru December 31st. Lifetime dues are also available and may be made if you do not wish to receive annual dues statements in the future.
Persons eligible for and attaining membership to this Association shall be classified in one of the following categories: 
1: Retired members, either commissioned or merit system retirees of the Washington State Patrol who receive a monthly pension, and employees still actively employed who are eligible for retirement but have not done so. 
2: Survivor members, a survivor of a retired Washington State Patrol employee who is receiving a monthly pension. 
3: Associate Members, individuals, who for amicable reasons of special interest, would be considered worthy of membership. 
It is noted that survivor and associate member shall have full voting rights and are eligible for any elective office within the Association as long as they are members in good standing. 
To join the association, please complete a RWSPEA Member Application Form, pay an annual membership fee of thirty ($30.00) dollars, and mail both to the Sec/Treas. 
To have access to the website as a member, (secure site) please provide the webmaster with your choice of a one-word username and a one-word password. 
If your qualification cannot be verified, any dues paid to the Association in the expectation of gaining membership are non-refundable and will be used for Association business. 
Submit your dues to the Association Secretary/Treasurer to the address at the bottom of this page. One-Time Payment of Lifetime Association Dues is Available. 
If you are 75 years of age, and qualify for membership, or if you are a surviving spouse, then you are automatically a Lifetime member of the RWSPEA. Complete the above noted application form and mail it to the Sec-Treas and a Lifetime Membership Card will be issued. 
If you want to become a Lifetime member, see the schedule below of what it would cost based on your age. 
Age 74, Lifetime dues of $30 
Age 73, Lifetime dues of $60 
Age 72, Lifetime dues of $90 
Age 71, Lifetime dues of $120 
Age 70, Lifetime dues of $150 
Age 69, Lifetime dues of $180 
Age 68, Lifetime dues of $210 
Age 67, Lifetime dues of $240 
Age 66, Lifetime dues of $270 
Age 65, Lifetime dues of $300 
Age 64, Lifetime dues of $330 
Age 63, Lifetime dues of $360 
Age 62, Lifetime dues of $390 
Age 61, Lifetime dues of $420 
Age 60, Lifetime dues of $450 
If younger than age 60, and you wish to join as a lifetime member, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer for the dues calculation. 
Thank you for considering membership. 
PO Box 301
Four Lakes, WA 99014 

RWSPEA Members Need to Sign-up for Website Account

*** Paid or Lifetime Membership Required to Gain Access to this Secure Membership Site ***
Applicants granted approval to access the membership side of the web page should follow the instructions below.  
* Click on the 'Create Account' link on the left side of the public web page.  
* Fill in all required information so that your membership may be verified by RWSPEA personnel. 
* You will then receive an email at the provided email address that notifies you that your account is pending approval. The RWSPEA administrator will also receive an email indicating that you have applied for an account. 
* The RWSPEA administrator will verify and approve your account. 
* You will then receive an email with a link that notifies you that your account has been approved. Click on the link in your email. You will be directed to a page where all of you account information is available to you. This is where you will set your password. After you have set your password, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. You will now be logged into your account. 
* Remember your username and password. If for someone reason you forget your password, you can request a new password by clicking on the “request new password”.  Through your account, you will also be able to manage your own account (i.e. change your password, change your email address, etc.) 
Thank you!
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